Specialist Drones


Advancing Drone Technology to New Heights

As markets constantly evolve, we continue to work with our clients to drive technology and capability forward.

Whatever you are looking for:

A cargo drone with a 50+kg capacity
Three-hour endurance
An anti-drone solution
or specialist sensors

The Bionic Eye have a solution!

Likewise, various industries also have specific needs:

Drones for use in the Film Industry

Our team is either from or still works within the film industry and is a consultant working on the most prominent film brands and studios.

We have been working in the film industry for over 40 years, so whether it's a background plate or a lidar scan, we understand the business and the specific needs of each department.

We've crafted systems with up to 225kgs MTOM of specialist and high-value camera equipment. These systems have attained their category's most extensive CAA exemptions through rigorous component design and integration of multiple state-of-the-art failsafe systems.

The CAA's largest exemption

Drones for use in the Construction industry

As the construction industry matures and looks to find ways to reduce costs, they are now embracing drone solutions. Various opportunities are driving benefits to deliver efficiencies and reduce costs.

These activities include initial progress reporting to the regular generation of 3D models for volumetric analysis. When integrated with BIM and 4D scheduling software, they offer high levels of data insight.

Clients can use these data sets within digital twins to continuously test different delivery strategies to ensure budget and delivery optimisation.

Lastly, regular drone surveys enable a detailed truth record of site activity to support, resolve or eradicate spurious disputes.

Inspection drone

Drones for use in the Rail industry

The Rail Industry's goal is to minimise 'boots on ballast'. Using drones mitigates risk and allows for the high-speed capture of a wide range of data insights—all while echoing the critical goal of Safety on the rail network!

Railways are expensive to operate, especially when closures cut short operations, so the objective is to eradicate disruption. Drones offer significant advantages for inspecting and monitoring rail infrastructure and assets.

Flights can be done anytime, from high-resolution images to survey-grade scans to vegetation and trackside asset reporting to eradicate night access or line closures.

Rail Inspection
A game-changer for Network Rail

Universities and research Facilities

We work with many leading Universities and Research Facilities worldwide on drone-related challenges. Their brief requires fully adaptable and flexible equipment to design and build new systems, many of which are world firsts.

In many instances, the airframes must evolve as findings dictate. Our modular and fully reconfigurable industrial drone systems are most appreciated here.

We act as a liaison between manufacturers and agencies, helping to develop and test early product prototypes and gather real-world feedback to optimise for the market.

This approach benefits all parties as they collaborate to shape and optimise products.

That's why our frames, partnerships, and consultancy are the preferred choice for many of the leading facilities worldwide.

Air Ambulance
Southampton University's AirLift project
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