Photogrammetry is a method of making measurements from two-dimensional HD pictures to recover exact positions of surface points. Menu Icon PhotogrammetryUAV photogrammetry feeds the measurements from aerial supported remote sensing and the results of imagery analysis into computer based and 3D printed models. For instance, to accurately estimate actual positions within the researched field.

By analysis and processing, you get relevant information of surveyed and inspected areas and objects. This method is used to survey, analyze and compare structures: Detailed 3D point clouds and 3D meshes of structures, buildings and areas thereby help in the structure and motion assessment.

Typical Photogrammetry applications

  • Progress documentation including, survey and photo documentation based on exactly reproducible waypoint flights
  • Topology – surveying, monitoring and damage analysis
  • Surveying for agriculture and rural development
  • Surveying of nature conservation areas
  • Damage detection and documentation on real estates (e.g. building facades)
  • Mining/road construction – surveying and documentation of dynamic cumulation/massing
  • Flood analysis reporting
  • Urban development and planning
  • Visual inspection of structures
  • Surveying areas up to ca. 100 hectares

The Solution

  • Resolutions accuracy of approximately 10cm/pixel (depending upon acquisition height)
  • Can capture relatively large areas per flight
  • Can be delivered to work with industry standard GIS software
  • Fast post processing time and final output from UAV capture
  • When combined with Ground Control Points can overlay existing datasets

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