UAV Consultancy

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We design bespoke, complete, solutions to place the most accurate / sensitive equipment in the air where it is slow, dangerous or costly to put people. We capture the data and process it and/or train your resources to do the same. We are a one-stop, end-to-end solution provider.

Our consultancy:

  • Recommends or sources the best monitoring / detection / scanning equipment,
  • Recommends or builds the best aerial platforms to carry these payloads,
  • Advises and trains on the the best processing software or service.
Define the optimum solution for you, first time. Challenge us today.

The Solution

  • We have built over 150 custom UAV systems for clients worldwide.
  • We have worked on solutions for a wide range of industries, from film to mining and railways.
  • Our resources constantly evaluate new and emerging technology.
  • We have multiple CAA permits and are familiar with industry specific regulations and monitor updates.
  • We are familiar with the ever changing National Air Authority regulations.
  • We have vast experience of combining airframes; flight control systems with payloads for optimum weight for flight endurance.

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