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Kier Construction

Kier construction was looking to capture some iconic images of a new site they were working on but also to help communicate to their client base that they were now working in Birmingham again, and gain interest to try and secure future work within the city.


nr york reference

Network Rail

Bionic Eye and particularly The Bionic Group have been working with Network Rail for several years helping communicate complex phasing sequences for their major projects (Method Statements). As a result of our collaboration Network Rail have suggested to major Rail companies that we also assist them in communicating complex logistical scenarios to produce better build and maintenance estimates, eliminated over-runs and reduce disputes.


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Amey Rail

Amey wanted to find a way to reduce their surveying costs for major rail infrastructure contracts to differentiate themselves in their infrastructure maintenance bids. Traditional methods involve out of hours “night time” surveying of bridges and viaduct when the track is inactive or closed; time-consuming, expensive process with heightened H&S risk considerations.


volker uni rereference

Volker FitzPatrick

Bionic Eye and particularly Bionic Group has been working with Volker Fitzpatrick for several years helping communicate complex phasing sequences for their major projects (Method Statements). As a result of our collaboration, Volker Fitzpatrick wanted to find a way to elevate their bid submissions in light on new technology. They also wanted to find out if there was a way to gain a topological dataset for the site for planning and resourcing.


kier hayle reference

Kier MG

Kier MG was preparing to submit a tender for a Rail maintenance contract. There were aware that a viaduct which was part of the tender was in need of repair as it appeared to have had movement with the advent of the recent bad weather. Kier wanted to gain a close aerial inspection of the structure in order to allow them to refine the commercials within their bid.


chile uav reference

Ingeniero Geomensor

Bionic Eye was approached by Ingeniero Geomensor a Chilean surveying company offering accurate data report to local mining companies. Wishing to gain more accurate data for volumetric analysis, it also allows them to expand into other similar sectors such as forestry. Using their existing fleet of UAVs was not suitable as traditional photogrammetry does not allow topology digital elevation maps due to vegetation and tree cover occlusions.


nr hardhat referecne

Network Rail - Personal Safety System

After a meeting at Innotrans the World's largest Railway exhibition in Berlin, we were approached by Network Rail to help them solve a very challenging problem. The workforce typically works on the railways at night when the train network is either closed or with restricted movements. In this case, they are undertaking track renewals and in many cases alternate lines are still open and trains pass by. They were looking for a system that could track each individual workmen to a high accuracy and alert him if he strayed outside a designated safe area.



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